3 C’s You Should Be Obsessed With As A Content Writer!

2 min readAug 15, 2020


Content writing is a serious business. And it’s high time you need to realize this!

Unlike twisting words, professional writing requires an execution plan that steals the show. Until yesterday, writing was all about summarizing a topic in 500 words or more. But now, it’s about engagement and retention. Agree??

This blog walks you through a simple formula using which you can make your writing stand out. So, without taking much of your time, let me brief it for you:

The 3-C Formula:


Cohesion refers to the pattern in which your writing flows. A cohesive writing keeps your readers hooked till the end. This means your readers enjoy the ideas that you wish to express. Your writing sounds natural, real and simple to grasp.

To make sure, your writing incorporates cohesiveness, you should:

Chop off unnecessary sentences.

Connect one paragraph with the other.

Move from simple to complex. Start with simple information, end with complex ones.

In the end, use simple tone!


A clearer writing means an effective writing. Clarity makes your content easy to digest. Clarity goes beyond doing minor tweaks. In today’s content-saturated world, clarity is lost! To make your writing shine out, it is important to use words that are powerful and compelling.

Drop the idea of using lengthy sentences and you’ll see your writing sky rocket.

Avoid using fluffy fillers in your writing- like, very, really, actually, perhaps, etc.

Create one-sentence paragraphs. Readers don’t have time to invest in. Make sure you use simple sentences that are scannable.

Focus on delivering a consistent style. Don’t distract your readers. Get their expectations in your head while delivering something that surpasses their hopes.

Always choose Active voice. Be straightforward.


One of the major ingredients of a powerful writing is the use of concrete details. It’s a key that opens the door of reader’s imagination. Concrete writing intrigues the senses. A writing that grabs the attention of users and increases credibility, is easier to act on.

You can do it more vividly by:

Filter down your vocabulary.

Paying attention to details.

Getting rid of vague words.

Good writing is simple, clear and direct. You don’t get rewards for saying in 500 words what could be said in 200 or even less.

Good writing is about using the right words with the right intent. The intent to communicate should be clear.

It might feel good at first to pack a lot of ideas into a sentence, but chances are that it’s going to be hard to read. If something doesn’t add value, cut the chaff.




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