Here are 20 qualities that make terrific writers-

1 min readJun 26, 2022

1. They challenge themselves to push past their comfort zone.
2. They know that Grammarly won’t do the trick for a particular style.
3. They protest against plagiarism.
4. They know when to refuse a fussy client.
5. They understand that rejection is a part of the process and don’t take it personally.
6. They don’t conflate fancy phrases with expert writing.
7. They stay away from Grammar Nazis!
8. They’ll rarely be without a pen and a notebook.
9. They practice relentlessly.
10. They’re devoted readers.
11. They don’t shy away asking for feedbacks (from peers or mentors)
12. Their love for having a set process is admirable.
13. They’re a never-ending mine of ideas -24*7- in the middle of a dream, in the shower, at the stove, on a walk with their pet, etc.etc.
14. They like to create what people want to read.
15. Upskilling comes naturally to them.
16. They double check their work.
17. They know that perfect writing isn’t a thing!
18. They write everyday, without fail.
19. They’re happy killing their darlings.
20. They never seem to be completely happy with the end result!

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