Mistakes I did but you shouldn’t as a new freelancer!

2 min readFeb 27, 2023

My initial days of freelancing looked very clumsy and uncertain.

Even though I tried the so-called “tips and tricks” offered via videos or online blogs, things seemed to be exploding.

But one day, I realized where I was going wrong!

Since I was addicted to online learning, I was believing every random piece of advice that I came across.

I could barely differentiate between things under my control and things that I couldn’t help.

For instance, whenever a client rejected me after tons of effort and follow-up, I blamed myself.

In terms of pricing, I overestimated and quoted way too much than I deserved back then.

When clients approached me for tons of editing at peanuts, I agreed to work, in turn exhausting myself too much.

Speaking of follow-ups, I kept pursuing clients who were discourteous and unethical.

In a nutshell, I accepted every piece of instruction impulsively, without doing the groundwork and I still feel contrite about it.

It took me years of failing, learning, and unlearning to finally identify gigs that valued me for what I brought to the table.

Here’s a glimpse of how I transitioned my processes-

1. Networking- Networking helped me collaborate with people in my industry, learn about their pain points, identify ways to resolve their problems, and eventually work with them down the line. You see, knowing your TA, in and out is super vital, when it comes to nailing prospecting.

2. Cold emailing- This is definitely a tough nut to crack. Initially, I was sending random emails to random people. However, after comprehending the loopholes and bringing systematic arrangements in place, I was able to target a very niched audience, thus saving time and boosting responses.

3. Auditing- I still rely on videos, blogs, tweets, and posts from established freelancers, however, I don’t apply them blindly. Every time I encounter new learning, I make sure I test it for a while. If it works, great. If not, I move ahead without feeling bitter about it.

4. Quality over Quantity- The days of working for free or pennies are long gone. I remember how difficult it was for me to maintain my pipeline with projects that served me an insignificant amount. Not only it took a toll on my mental health but also discouraged me from continuing my journey ahead. I was burnt out. I spend days without cash. I had no idea how to progress. I felt demotivated to an extent that I wanted to quit everything without a backup plan.

Cut to today, I only work with clients who can offer me what I deserve. Ones who don’t micromanage and rely on me for my expertise. Clients who’re there to stay for the long. Just 3 clients but highly valuable ones at a time, that’s the goal for now!!!

P.S. Freelancing is a roller coaster ride. What worked a few years back won’t cut today. You need to constantly abreast yourself and experiment with things for yourself. Also, don’t forget patience and consistency is the key!!




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