What happened the first time I wore Shorts in my life?

2 min readFeb 16, 2023

The first time I wore shorts in my life (publically) was right after my wedding- Full credits given to the honeymoon, the vibe at the cruise and Ofcourse love blossoming all around 😜🤩 (Pic attached 😛)

I’ve always been this shy, introvert individual who was super concerned/ conscious about what the society would perceive if I attempt anything against their standards.

Every time I tried wearing something not so Indian- could be a mini skirt, shorts or a body hugging dress, the fear of getting judged/trolled crossed my mind and made me feel underconfident.

Dressing for me has always been a way to express how I feel.

Also who doesn’t like donning something that enhances confidence, charisma and makes them appear sharp in public, right ?

Throughout my childhood, teenage and even post teenage, I used to overthink a lot, when it came to dressing, speaking up and showing my real side.

But ever since I entered the corporate ladder, things took a 360 for me!

Not only nailing at my job impressed my bosses but also gave me the confidence to display my real side- which was quite bold, confident, always eager to take intiatives and call out not-so-professional behaviour at work.

So many times I was required to be on the front, chat with clients and present my company, and an uncomfortable wear made things worse for me.

On the contrary, every time I wore something that was so me- noise-free, subtle, sharp and on-point, my performance skyrocketed.

I didn’t felt anxious.
I didn’t felt undervalued.
I felt as if I was being listened to.
I felt my opinions mattered.

And viola, I found my calling 😊

That’s where I understood the importance of dressing up for good. It took me a while to understand how an attire can make or break your confidence, productivity and performance at work.

So, with all this rant, the only message I wish to spread👇🏻

To, all the girls/women out there who’re anxious to put themselves out, here’s a thing- be the way you’re. Dress whatever you want. Let your choice of attire reflect your personality.

This all cringe about dressing an appropriate way stems from the wrong mindset/belief, we’ve been ingrained with for years!

Time to put an end to this!

-Dress for yourself
-Dress to feel good
-Dress to express yourself
-Dress to put yourself above rest
-Dress because you want to, not because someone else doesn’t want to
- Dress to show that there’s more to dressing than just a piece of clothing

P.S. Back then I hated sarees but now I don’t leave a chance to doll myself up with it 😍

Forget Indian or Western, you do you! Let’s not allow other’s opinions ruin you-anyway!

Have you ever had such a relatable experience before? Tell me in the comments na?

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